Video Requirements

Input Formats

Supported Video Formats .mp4 .mpg .mov .wmv .m4v .avi .ogg .flv
Maximum Video Duration 30 minutes
Maximum Video Size 4 GB
Supported Image Formats .png .jpg
Maximum Image Size 40 MB

Aspect Ratio

We recommend to use 16:9.
Videos and images with different aspect ratios will be automatically padded with black rectangles to 16:9.

Example: Aspect Ratio Padding

Output Formats

Streaming Formats

Profile Name Resolution FPS Bitrate (mbit/s) Video Codec Audio Codec
HLS Profile 1 512x288 25 0.55 H.264 ACC
HLS Profile 2 1024x576 25 1.5 H.264 ACC
HLS Profile 3 1280x720 25 2.5 H.264 ACC
HLS Profile 4 1280x720 50 5 H.264 ACC
MP4 / Progressive 1024x576 25 1.5 H.264 ACC

Profiles are automatically selected according to the end-users browser and bandwidth.