Ad Tag Specification

Supported Ad-Tags

The glomex-player supports the following ad-tag standards:

Supported Creatives

Supported Ad-Tag Parameters

The following commonly used dynamic values can be forwarded to an ad-tag of an advertiser, which then can be used on the ad server for targeting:

  • environment.pageUrl: the page URL where the player is embedded (referrer)
  • environment.device: the device of the user (e.g. desktop or mobile)
  • environment.isAdBlocker: boolean whether an ad blocker was found
  • environment.consentData.consentString: the TCF 1.1 or 2.0 consent string that was provided from the CMP of the publisher
  • playlistContext.publisherId: the id of the publisher at glomex
  • content.createdAt: timestamp when a content was selected for playback (can be used as cachebuster)
  • the id of the content at glomex
  • the main category the content is assigned to (e.g. sport, news, food & drink, …)
  • content.labels: content labels that were assigned by glomex

For further required parameters please contact our support team.


The values inside the brackets are automatically filled in by glomex before the URL gets called. Note: the function |urlencode within the placeholder can be used to URL encode the parameter in case it e.g. contains spaces.