If you are not allowed to use exterenal JavaScript code, you can use th native iFrame method, to integrate the glomex Player. Just use this URL in your iFrame an replace the integrationId and playlistId.

iFrame Source


Integration Id
An Integration Id represents a player configuration (color settings, autoplay settings,...).
You can create a player configuration at exchange.glomex.com -> Manage -> Player
Example: data-integration-id="l718m2ckjc95phtt"

Playlist Id
A playlist id represents a single Video (v-123789), a playlist (pl-123789)
or a curated playlist (cl-1237879)
Example 1: data-playlist-id="pl-123456789"
Example 2: data-playlist-id="v-123456789"
Example 3: data-playlist-id="cl-123456789"

Full Example

<iframe allow="autoplay *; fullscreen *" allowfullscreen referrerpolicy="unsafe-url" src="https://player.glomex.com/integration/1/iframe-player.html?integrationId=[INTEGRATION_ID]&playlistId=[PLAYLIST_ID]"></iframe>

Please remember to allow both fullscreen and autoplay mode as well as access to the referrer by adding the following attributes to the iFrame: allow="autoplay *; fullscreen *" referrerpolicy="unsafe-url" allowfullscreen

Please note. If you are using the sandbox policy, please add following values to ensure full functionality. sandbox="allow-same-origin allow-scripts allow-popups"