Default HTML

The glomex video player can be embedded in different ways. The default HTML code contains two parts: JavaScript Source + HTML Code.

JavaScript Code: loads the full glomex Player on the website.
glomex Player HTML: defines which player settings (via Integration Id) should be used and which video or playlist should be played (via Playlist Id)

<script src=""></script>

Integration Id
An Integration Id represents a player configuration (color settings, autoplay settings,...).
You can create a player configuration at -> Manage -> Player
Example: data-integration-id="l718m2ckjc95phtt"

Playlist Id
A playlist id represents a single Video (v-123789), a playlist (pl-123789)
or a curated playlist (cl-1237879)
Example 1: data-playlist-id="pl-123456789"
Example 2: data-playlist-id="v-123456789"
Example 3: data-playlist-id="cl-123456789"